Awards - Lafe's Natural BodyCare

Natural Solutions Beauty With a Conscience Award Winner 2008 and 2009

We invited hundreds of natural and organic companies to subject their best beauty offerings to our scrutiny for the 2009 Beauty With a Conscience Awards. Lipsticks, lotions, scrubs, and shave creams poured in immediately, transforming our office into a full-blown beauty emporium. Tempted as we were to dig in and sample, we first had to break out the magnifying glasses to read through every single ingredient list, no matter how small the font. We were determined to make sure any product we’d even consider for contention first passed our rigorous definition of clean. By now we’ve all learned to steer clear of products made with parabens, phthalates, and synthetic scents and colors. But there are hundreds of lesser-known ingredients hidden in many favorite products—some with the potential to wreak havoc on our bodies and the environment. Without a universal—and enforceable—natural or organic standard to regulate what goes into personal care, even companies claiming to be natural often produce products laced with not-so-clean stuff. But our purpose here isn’t to discredit the non-natural or call out green wannabes. With our second annual Beauty With a Conscience Awards, we want to honor true beauty, to applaud companies that have created pure, natural, and nontoxic products that really work.



Natural Health Magazine Editor’s Pick 2011

Still on the hunt for a chemical-and-aluminum-free deodorant that keeps you feeling fresh on even a hot summer day? So was I, which is why I road-tested every natural deodorant I could get my hands on. The verdict? While the ingredients in these products (like lemon, lavender, cloves, peppermint and witch hazel) work to kill the underarm bacteria that causes body odor, they aren’t antiperspirants-which means you may be a little damp at the end of the day. But in my opinion, it’s a small price to pay considering that the aluminum and triclosan (which is a pesticide!) used in conventional antiperspirant deodorants have been linked to breast cancer.

Lafe’s Natural and Organic Roll-On in Lavender ($8; I was impressed by the ingredient list:mineral salts, organic hemp oil and organic aloe vera. This pick actually kept me dry-even through a tense day.



Austin Chamber of Commerce Small Business Exporter of the Year 2012

Lafe's was awarded the title of Small Business Exporter of the Year in 2012 by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Lafe's creates healthy, all-natural body care products with high quality ingredients. The Austin Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of 2,500 business enterprises, civic organizations, education institutions and individuals. Its mission is to provide leadership that will help create regional economic prosperity and success for its members in Central Texas. 



United States Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award

Lafe's was honored with the Export Achievement Certificate by the United States Department of Commerce  U.S. Commercial Service. Lafe's Natural Bodycare was recognized with this award for their accomplishments in the global marketplace.