Lafe’s Uses Safer Plastic in Baby and Kids Product Line

Lafe’s Natural Baby is the only mom, kids and baby skincare line that is packaged in special Baby-Safe Plastic. Our unique packaging reduces exposure to common endocrine disrupting chemicals found in conventional plastic including BPA and phthalates as well as many of the harmful synthetic estrogens (Xenoestrogens). Most plastic bottles leech chemicals that may be harmful to infants and children.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

The Problem: The endocrine system regulates biological processes from the earliest stages of development until death; disruptions of endocrine functions produce easily observed abnormalities. Extensive research has shown that many products in common use (e.g. plastics, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives) release chemicals that mimic hormonal activity, most commonly estrogenic activity (EA). Recent studies show that very low concentrations (parts per billion to trillion) of chemicals with EA most easily produce deleterious effects in fetal, post-natal, and/or adolescent mammals (including humans). These deleterious EA effects include altering rates of growth, time to sexual maturation, learning abilities, sexual orientations, prostate or ovarian functions, and sperm counts. Many of these abnormalities that began in the fetus do not become obvious until sexual maturity, 18-25 years later.

The Solution is Safer Plastic!

Solutions: Lafe's has partnered with a company that has recently developed or identified hundreds of proprietary and/or patented (pending) formulations for plastic resins, food additives, silicones, cosmetics, and paper products that do not release EA. The company has also devised and patented (pending) manufacturing processes that do not introduce EA into EA-free resins or other EA-free formulations. For example, they have produced a test set of bottles and other items made from about 10 of its EA-free plastic resins that have no detectable EA. Tests have also shown that its formulations and manufacturing processes not only produce EA free products, but also that those products remain intact and EA-free when exposed to stresses of normal use (e.g., sunlight, boiling water, microwaving, ethanol).

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