Two Big Announcements!

Greetings from San Francisco, where I’m spending a few days on Lafe’s business. I couldn’t wait until I got home to share some great news:

We’ve decided to do something special for the holidays — we’re offering two-item and four-item options for our Lafe’s Baby Line as Holiday Gift Packs. It’s the first time we’ve done a holiday gift pack option with our products — we’re so excited about the reception to the baby line since it came out this past summer, and we wanted to introduce more people to these organic, simple formulations — all packaged in baby-safe plastic, of course (free of Bisphenol A, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals). Buying the holiday gift pack also gives shoppers a discount — the gift packs are priced 20 percent lower than buying each product individually.

We also are pleased to announce that we’re in our first retail store in Austin — Wheatsville Food Co-Op! Up until now, we’ve had great success selling online to shoppers in our hometown. But this is a way to give Austin shoppers more options, and Wheatsville is a great store to partner with. They’ve been in Austin since 1976, and they’re very in line with our philosophies of sustainability and quality organic products — this FAQ page is a great introduction to a store we love.

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