A New Hope (And A New Approach to the Blog)

No matter how you voted on Tuesday, the sight of President-Elect Obama addressing the crowd in Grant Park in Chicago offered a new and inspirational hope for the nation — underscoring the idea that anyone can be anything they want to be in this country through hard work and perseverance and good ideas. From watching Obama’s speech on Tuesday night, I sense that he thinks it’s more important to get to work than to celebrate this historic win.

We do face a lot of issues. I’m particularly concerned, of course, with the safety of products we use, and protecting consumers against harmful chemicals in everyday products. Readers of this blog know I’ve been concerned about BPA for a long time. We’ve seen the FDA come out and declare that BPA is not dangerous. We then had the scientific community balk at that statement. Now, the FDA is backtracking and taking another look at BPA. I hope that Obama’s victory will provide the national leadership that supports concerns from the consumer’s perspective, and reduces influence from industries that dominate review boards and oversight committees. That doesn’t just apply to Bisphenol A or phthalates or other estrogenic activity chemicals.

You also might notice the blog has changed its name to lafesblog.com. That change has been in the works for a few weeks — this announcement just happens to coincide with the historic change we’ve just witnessed. You’ll see this blog, over time, encompass additional topics that interest me and other areas of expertise I’ve developed in running a growing business with a green approach.

I am passionate about what I do — providing people with clean, simple, and organic personal care products — and I’ll talk about aspects of that in future blog entries. But I’m also part of a community of entrepreneurs and bloggers who are committed to green living, and I’ll introduce you to some of them down the line as well. I’ll still bring you news about Bisphenol A and phthalates and other related topics as I run across them — the current situation demands continued vigilance and the need to share as much information as we possibly can.

I hope you enjoy the blog’s evolution!

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