Our Story - Lafe's Natural BodyCare

Sharing our story is special for us. We feel that it allows us to truly explain why we believe in what we do.

Lafe grew up in the rural mid-west, raised by an amazing mother whom was decades ahead when it came to nutrition and conscious living. After surviving serious illness, she invested time researching ways to keep her family healthy. She read labels, gave her family vitamins and grew her own food or bought it locally. Did we mention this was the 1960’s? Lafe and his siblings missed out on processed “food”, but gained an education in the role mother nature plays in our health.

As an adult, Lafe watched his mother triumph once again – this time it was a breast cancer scare. This battle led Lafe on a journey to find products that were healthy to put on the body, because he believed it was just as important as what we put in the body. As his mother taught him, he looked to mother nature for natural and organic ingredients to create personal care products.

He began creating his own formulations in 1994. What started out as deodorant (pretty important for most of us), has now turned in to a full line of personal care products for the whole family. From baby care soaps and lotions to lip balms and handcrafted soaps to hair care and foot sprays.  Decades later, our family owned company continues to produce conscious products with ingredients that are sourced from mother nature’s gifts.  Lafe’s Natural BodyCare – Conscious living for a balanced & fulfilling life.  Family – Community - You