95 Percent of Us Positive For Bisphenol A

I ran across an article on Yahoo’s Shine online publication, reprinted from Eating Well, with four interesting facts to help you determine whether or not you should be concerned about your use of plastics and Bisphenol A. Included in the article was one particularly startling fact — according to a 2005 Center for Disease Control study, 95 percent of those screened tested positive for BPA.

The article also mentions dangers of BPA leeching from plastics, particularly when hot or boiling water come in contact with the plastic — which may or may not include during dishwashing. (The handful of studies on this have returned mixed findings.)

But it’s the 95 percent positive statistic that raises my eyebrows. While adults reportedly are exposed to much lower levels than would be deemed dangerous by the FDA, we know that it can be transferred from mother-to-baby through the umbilical cord. And if you’ve been following this blog or other sources talking about the BPA controversy, you know the concerns around children being exposed to BPA.

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