Kudos from Natural Solutions

We just got some great news from one of our favorite publications! Natural Solutions, a magazine dedicated to “vibrant health” and “balanced living,” just awarded our Hemp Oil Roll-On Deodorant as one of its Editors’ Picks for its Beauty With a Conscience Awards. What makes us proudest about the award is it honors us for having principled standards for our products. As they say in their introduction of the award winners on the website:

“Unfortunately, even products marketed as ‘natural’ can come packed with hormone disrupters, carcinogens, toxic by-products, and heavy metals. In fact, the average woman applies more than 150 chemicals through her skincare daily. Knowing the link between this unnecessary toxin exposure and serious health concerns, we made the decision to honor companies that use only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients available.” 

That, of course, is right in line with our philosophy — especially for our baby products. The decision to go with EA-free packaging for the baby line came from the question that guides all our products: “How can we make this as clean and as simple as possible?” We’re glad that Natural Solutions is out there taking notice of companies like ours motivated by the desire to create the cleanest possible products.

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