Sobering Stories About How Chemicals Affect Infants

At ExpoWest, people kept coming up to me and sharing stories about how chemicals in plastics, they believe, are having horrible effects on babies. In one story, a woman told me about her 22-month old granddaughter who (brace yourself) was actually developing a right breast. Obviously, mother and grandmother were extremely worried and they took the little girl to her pediatrician. What’s even more shocking is that the doctor says that he sees this “all the time” and it has become common. He really did not offer an explanation or course of action, but the grandmother immediately removed all plastic toys, sippy cups, everything from the child’s environment. She is convinced that exposure to chemicals in plastics has had an adverse hormonal effect on her granddaughter. And she is not alone. Check out this article I read just last week in The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC.

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