Getting Ready for Natural Products Expo West

I wanted to talk a little bit about our annual Spring trek to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West — this year, we feel very energized. This is because we are launching our new baby line at the show. It’s been an incredible experience learning about endocrine disruptors like Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates that are present in everyday plastics. While pretty disconcerting, we are so proud to be able to say that we are the FIRST EVER company to offer certified EA Free packaging for our baby products. I want to give a shout out to our partner, PlastiPure for helping to make this happen. What that means is that the packaging that we’ll be using in our initial line (shampoo & wash, massage oil, lotion and bug spray) will be totally free of harmful chemicals that may impact reproductive functions later in life. This is an incredible breakthrough not only for us as a company, but for our industry. Just think about it. We’ve been so proactive about using great ingredients that are free of toxins, but now we’re taking baby product safety to another level.

Expo West is an incredible show, the largest natural products show in North America. I’ve been doing this show for about 13 years and I am very heartened at the growth of it. It means that the demand for great natural products is growing significantly. Attending the show also gives me a chance to visit with our international distributor partners from faraway places like New Zealand, Australia, UK, Middle East, Hong Kong and Canada.

So if you happen to be there, stop by Booth #3922 and say “hi” and check out our new baby product line and the rest of our natural bodycare products.

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