Ban Sought On Chemicals in Child Products in Minnesota

We just came across an interesting article that came out yesterday in Minnesota . . .

Ban sought on chemicals in child products, Legislators hear conflicting views on two types of plastics. 

By Jeremy Olson

If Minnesota bans certain plastics chemicals from baby bottles and other children’s products this year, it might be the first state to do so.

While other states have considered a ban on bisphenol-A (BPA) — which some research has linked to developmental problems in children and reproductive issues — they never passed one into law. San Francisco prohibited BPA from child products in 2006, but the city repealed the ban last year.

Whether Minnesota should be a pioneer was a matter of sharp dispute Monday during a state Senate committee hearing — the first this session over a proposed ban.

BPA is used in baby bottles, can linings, dental fillings and medical equipment, but would only be banned in products intended for children younger than 3 years of age. Phthalates likewise would be banned from toys such as rubber duckies or teething rings.

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