More Scientists and Consumer Advocates Weighing In on BPA Debate

There was very interesting news in the Bisphenol A debate yesterday — as detailed in this USA Today article, more and more scientists and consumer advocates are coming forward in the debate over whether or not the chemical is safe. A published article just released in the Journal of the American Medical Association links Bisphenol A to higher incidences of heart disease and diabetes, and yesterday’s FDA hearing again revisited the agency’s recent ruling declaring BPA to not be a danger at current exposure levels.

I believe the more we study Bisphenol A, the more we’ll learn about its dangers. I think we know enough now to stay away from Bisphenol A as much as we possibly can — which was the impetus for us to create baby products packaged in EA-free packaging. You’ll note the USA Today article gives readers advice to avoid Bisphenol A, including steering clear of non-recyclable plastics with the #7 symbol on them, especially in the microwave or dishwasher. The government may eventually reverse its position on BPA, but in the meantime, concerned consumers have to be vigilant.

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