Organics: Not Just For Health Food Stores Anymore

A few weeks ago, I attended a big trade show in Florida featuring a number of major U.S. retailers. I enjoy the opportunity to help retailers and distributors discover what Lafe’s is all about, but I also value attending trade shows because I learn what’s happening. What I learned at this last trade show was that organic products are in higher demand than ever from traditional retailers. While health food stores still carry a wider selection of organic products, more and more stores will be making room for organics in the future.

Part of this has to do with the growth of organic products. I saw presentations throughout the weekend that showed only slight projected gains a specific product, but significant growth for the organic version of that product. The message was clear: Prepare for the increased demand in organics.

I’d like to think this is due to more and more people looking for clean and healthful options in the products they buy, whether it’s what they put in their bodies or what they put on their bodies. In addition to the work Lafe’s has done to prepare our baby line for its recent release, we also reformulated our deodorant line — the one which launched Lafe’s in 1992 — and relaunched it about the same time as the baby line. It gave us the chance to bring cleaner and purer formulations to our customers.

And if what I saw at this recent trade show continues, it should be easier for you in the coming months to find organic products like ours in a store near you.

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