New Developments in the U.S. Government’s Bisphenol A Debate

Several weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration declared that Bisphenol A did not pose a threat for humans, despite a growing number of observers sounding their concerns. Now, it seems that the U.S. Government is reconsidering — this new MSNBC article reports on the National Toxicology Program repeating its initial findings from April. They express “some concern” over Bisphenol A leading to developmental problems in children.

Certainly, this isn’t the last word in the debate, but as the MSNBC report indicates, some manufacturers and retailers are already going ahead with Bisphenol A-free alternatives despite the FDA’s recent ruling. Of course, the just-launched Lafe’s baby line is packaged in plastic bottles free of Bisphenol A, phthalates, or other estrogenic activity chemicals.

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